Aglaia Odorata Oolong Tea
Aglaia Odorata Oolong tea, a popular flower-scented tea, was introduced to Taiwan in the 17th century during the Ming and Zheng Dynasties. This tea, made from fresh Aglaia Odorata flowers from Huatan Village in Zhanghua County., carries a delicate floral nose and a subtle lingering finish.
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Huatan Village, Zhanghua County, Taiwan.
Delicate Aglaia flower fragrance.
Clean mouthfeel with subtle lingering finish.
Loose leaf dried tea
Tight ball shape.
Tea liquor
Bright golden color.
Unfurled leaf
Brown with reddish rim.
Tea preparation
Steeping time
Tea ware water Temperature Amount of Tea leaves 1st brew 2nd brew 3rd brew 4th brew 5th brew
De Chuan Lidded Teacup 90c.c 95℃ 5g 65sec 45sec 60sec 70sec 80sec
De Chuan Yixing Teapot 150c.c 95℃ 10g 70sec 60sec 60sec 90sec 100sec