Precision in Craftsmanship and
Reverence to Nature’s Bounty

Wang De Chuan is committed to a century-old tradition of fine quality tea. We ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and show respect for the land and local communities. We provide customers with tea that is hygiene and meets the required sanitary standards.

Wang De Chuan tea products are quality assured. Each tea ingredient – Oolong tea, Flower-scented tea, Black tea, Green tea, Pu’er tea – is sampled and tested by SGS to ensure that our products are free from the 481 types of pesticide residue, before proceeding to the roasting process and packing.

Product traceability:
  • 1. Scan the QR code, or
  • 2. Scan the QR code at product packaging, or
  • 3. Click the "Product traceability" icon.
  • 4. Input the product serial number.
Product traceability